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  1. LCRO 87/2018 QZ v FZB (20 December 2019) [pdf, 231 KB]

    ...residential property (the residence), occupied by Mr and Mrs TV as their home, which was subject to a bank mortgage.2 1 Mrs TV’s children are XF, RP and AR. Mr TV’s children are VI and CH. 2 Deed of Trust (15 March 2004). 2 [4] The trust deed conferred the power of appointment of trustees on Mr and Mrs TV, and on their death, on their “administrators or executors or trustees”, or the “administrators or executors or trus...

  2. Ministry of Justice annual report 2018-19 [pdf, 5.2 MB]

    ...of Māori in the system is a crisis. • Violence is an enormous problem, particularly for families and children. • Formal justice processes fail us too often. • The system is too focused on punishment and neglects prevention, rehabilitation, reconciliation and repair of the harm done by crime. • Individuals and whānau feel unsupported and disempowered by the system, and the ability of whānau, hapū, iwi, communities, NGOs and others to provide support is constrained by the si...

  3. 2019 Directory of Official Information S-U [pdf, 1.2 MB]

    ...Registration Board Level 7 110 Featherston Street Wellington 6011 PO Box 3452 Wellington Central Wellington 6140 Phone: (04) 931 2650 Fax: (04) 931 2651 Website: Email: 11 Solid Energy New Zealand Limited (Subject to Deed of Company Arrangement) Governing statutes Solid Energy is a state-owned enterprise under the State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986 and the Companies Act 1993. Solid Energy does not administer any Acts. Functions and Responsibilities Solid Energ...

  4. 2020 Cannabis Referendum - Public Release Documents [pdf, 2.7 MB]

    CE Office of the Minister of Justice Cabinet Committee 2020 Cannabis Referendum – Draft material for public release OF Proposal JU ST I In Confidence On 17 December 2018, Cabinet agreed to hold a binding referendum at the 2020 General Election to determine whether legislative provisions for the lega isation of recreational cannabis should be adopted [CAB-18-MIN-0641.02 refers]. In May 2019, Cabinet further agreed to the parameters of the referendum including the design of the referendum