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  1. [2022] NZACC 25 - Teavae v ACC (1 march 2022) [PDF, 214 KB]

    Claim for independence allowance – Part 4, sch 1 of the Accident Insurance Act 1998. Appeal of decision dismissing application for review of ACC’s decision assessing appellant’s whole person impairment for an independence allowance. Where appellant’s epilepsy should be fixed on a scale of 0-14% as prescribed under Table 5 of the AMA Guides. Appellant has not established on balance that assessment on which ACC based decision was flawed or incorrect. Outcome: appeal dismissed.

  2. [2022] NZACC 11 - Williams v ACC (25 January 2022) [PDF, 247 KB]

    Entitlement to an independence allowance, pt 4, sch 1 of the Accident Insurance Act 1998, subject to the modifications in s 377 of the Accident Compensation Act 2001. Whether the respondent’s decision to decline cover on the basis the appellant failed to undergo an assessment with a Corporation appointed assessor was correct. Appellant failed to show on the balance of probabilities the respondent’s decision was wrong. Outcome: appeal dismissed.