Oliver's story in pictures

The traffic light was red

1. Kim will be seriously injured, and Lisa will be killed, along with the driver of another car. Oliver will break his leg.

Oliver is arrested

2. The Officer in Charge of the case visits Oliver at home and arrests him for manslaughter and reckless driving causing injury.

Oliver is interviewed and processed

3. Oliver is taken to the police station and is interviewed by the police. He is formally charged with two charges of manslaughter and one charge of reckless driving causing injury. He is fingerprinted, photographed, and placed in a police cell by himself to wait for his court appearance the next day.

Oliver enters a plea

4. Oliver pleads not guilty. He will face a jury in the High Court. Oliver is granted bail under strict conditions, including not being allowed to drive.

Oliver breaches bail

5. Two days later, Oliver is caught driving. The police arrest him for breaching his bail. Oliver is remanded in custody in prison until his next court appearance.

Prosecution and defence prepare

6. Oliver's lawyer prepares his defence in consultation with Oliver and any defence witnesses to be called. The Crown counsel arranges for witnesses to give evidence at the trial.

The High Court trial

7. The trial will take five days. Once all the evidence is presented, the Judge sums up and the jury decides if Oliver is guilty or innocent. Oliver is found guilty.

Oliver goes to prison

8. Three weeks later, Oliver is sentenced to prison for three years. In prison, Oliver is given a sentence plan that focuses on giving him opportunities to break the cycle of reoffending.

Oliver is released

9. Oliver becomes eligible for parole after serving one-third of his sentence. Certain conditions are set down as part of his parole. If he breaches these, he can be sent back to prison.