Modern tools for Auckland’s busiest courts

Lawyers, judges, media and other people working in Waitakere and Manukau district courts have access to Ministry-supported wifi from their mobile devices in a new initiative.

“The wifi service is part of our commitment to modernising courts and to continuously improve the service we provide the judiciary, parties and other government agencies,” says Heather Baggott, General Manager District Courts, Ministry of Justice.

“We’re pleased to make it easier for people to access the information they need digitally. People working in the courts will be able to access legislation and case law online, rather than having to carry paper copies.”

North Shore and Auckland district courts will be the next courts to offer the wifi service in the coming month.

“The Ministry is monitoring use of the service to help decide if further expansion is needed in other court buildings. Wifi has been available in our dedicated higher court buildings since February 2016, and the service has run smoothly and been well used.”

Wifi is to support the court process and access is given at the discretion of the court manager. Wifi is not intended for witnesses, defendants or members of the public.

For media queries please contact Antony Paltridge on 027 6890667.

Notes for editors

Wifi doesn’t impact the current in-court guidelines around electronic device use while court is in session. See more about media coverage in court:

Notes and electronic records and communications

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