Satisfaction with our services remains high

21 December 2017

Over 80% of people coming to court are highly satisfied with how Ministry of Justice staff treat them.

The 2017 Court User Survey, which interviewed 2,044 customers in eight court sites across the country, rated our people highly for their helpfulness and for treating people fairly.

Chief Executive, Andrew Bridgman says: “People interact with us at often very stressful times in their lives. This survey shows that our people put our customers at the heart of everything they do and provide a great service to the public every day.”

Other results include:

  • 90% of respondents reported that they felt safe in a court building, with safety being a major factor in their overall satisfaction
  • 90% of people find it easy to navigate court facilities
  • 74% of respondents are satisfied with overall service quality
  • 71% were satisfied that easily identifiable staff were available to deal with queries.

Mr Bridgman continued: “We are grateful for the insights the survey gives us, and we are always working to improve our services. For example, to help ensure the safety of people using court buildings we established 80 additional Court Security Officer positions around the country, with our final new recruits starting by the end of March 2018. This is all part of our commitment to delivering people-centred services for a safe and just New Zealand.”

Read a summary of the 2017 Court User Survey results [PDF, 267 KB](external link)

This is the fourth time the survey has been carried out (previous surveys were conducted in 2010, 2012, and 2014).

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