Budget 2020 investment in the justice sector

Budget 2020 initiatives announced by the government will improve access to justice through Community Law Centres, extend Whānau Protect services for families at serious risk of family violence, support the new Criminal Cases Review Commission and enable improvements in court properties.  

Community Law Centres will receive $7.72m over 4 years to help meet growing demand for services and enable management of cases, including through a pro-bono clearinghouse to match lawyers with those needing representation.

Investment of $5.98m will expand Whānau Protect to assist families and whānau by making practical security improvements to their homes. It aims to help victims remain in their homes and removes the cost and burden of relocating themselves and their children, deter perpetrators and reduce the likelihood of further violence.  This prevents them needing to access emergency accommodation/refuge services.

To give effect to the Criminal Cases Review Commission Act 2019, the Budget provides $15.94m over 4 years for the operation of the newly established Commission. The Commission will contribute to the timely review of suspected injustices, following fair and transparent processes. This additional check and balance will help maintain the integrity of our courts and build public confidence in the justice system.

The Budget also provides $40.4m over 5 years to support ongoing infrastructure maintenance and the renewal of Court buildings, ensuring appropriate facilities for court users, staff and the judiciary.

See the Summary of Budget 2020 Initiatives in the justice sector [PDF, 260 KB], or visit the Beehive website:

Beehive media releases(external link)

Justice budget estimates(external link)



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