Family violence experiences shared on video

People who’ve been affected by family violence speak candidly about their experiences in a suite of videos now available on the Ministry of Justice YouTube channel. The videos also featured on One News(external link) over the weekend.

The videos help people understand different types of family violence and how they’re used to control and frighten others. Victims share their experiences about the lasting effects of the violence, how hard it was to leave the situation, and the value of help from friends and family/whānau. 

Men who have been violent talk about the way they controlled their family, how they made the decision to stop using violence and the valuable support they got from other men.

Two of the videos focus on Protection Orders and how they can keep people safe and prevent further violence.

The videos replace a previous DVD called Talking About Family Violence. The DVD has been popular in the family violence sector, particularly in stopping violence programmes and support programmes for victims.

Our thanks to those who courageously agreed to share their personal experience of family violence to help others.

To view the videos, go to our Ministry of Justice YouTube page(external link). They’re also available for order on USB – please contact for more information.

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