Feedback sought on political donation rules

The Ministry of Justice has identified potential improvements to political donation rules to help New Zealanders see more clearly who is donating money to political parties and candidates.

New Zealand is a robust, modern democracy that relies on fair and transparent rules to maintain public trust in the integrity of our electoral system.  This means there is a clear public interest in people understanding the funding political parties and candidates receive.

We are seeking New Zealanders’ feedback on several potential changes, which aim to improve the overall transparency and openness of political donations without unduly restricting donors or the ability of parties and candidates to raise the funds they need. They would also simplify the process, to help people comply with the rules.

The changes we are seeking feedback on include lowering the financial threshold for a political party to publicly disclose a donor’s identity, requiring more disclosure about small and non-cash donations and loans, and increasing the reporting obligations. A ban on anonymous donations is also being considered.

Submit your feedback on the consultation(external link)

Feedback is requested by Tuesday, 25 January 2022.

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