Family violence and sexual violence research

Our research programme is improving the evidence-base on family violence and sexual violence so we understand the experience of court participants and what works to improve outcomes.


Attrition and progression of reported sexual violence victimisations in the criminal justice system (2019)

Improving the justice response to victims of sexual violence: victims experiences (2018) [PDF, 1.6 MB]


Sexual Violence Operational Improvements (Justice Response) Report Executive Summary 2022 [PDF, 396 KB]

Evaluation of Family Violence Courts - final report (2021) [PDF, 2 MB]

Family Violence Bail (FVB) pilot evaluation - final report (2019) [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Sexual Violence Court Pilot Evaluation (2019)(external link)

Evaluation of the Ministry of Justice-funded Domestic Violence Programmes (2018)

Integrated Safety Response (ISR)

  • Evaluation of the family violence Integrated Safety Response pilot: Phase II – Years 2 & 3 (2019)
  • What’s working for Māori? A Kaupapa Māori perspective on the responsiveness of the Integrated Safety Response pilot to Māori (2019)
  • Integrated Safety Response (ISR) Kaupapa Māori evaluation (snapshot)
  • Integrated Safety Response (ISR) evaluation: emerging findings
  • Integrated Safety Response (ISR) evaluation (snapshot)

ISR evaluations

New Zealand Crime and Victim Survey (NZCVS)

  • Key findings (cycle 1 2018)
  • Sexual violence experiences in New Zealand (infographic – cycle 1 2018)
  • Lifetime experience of intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual violence in New Zealand (infographic – cycle 1 2018)
  • Support experiences of family violence victims (infographic – cycle 1 2018)
  • Psychological violence in New Zealand (infographic – cycle 1 2018)

NZCVS resources and results

Justice Statistics data tables

  • Justice Statistics data tables – notes and trends
  • Sexual offences
  • Family violence offences
  • Family Court applications
  • Protection Order applications

Justice statistics data tables

Evidence briefs

  • Therapeutic interventions for victims of Intimate Partner Violence
  • Adolescent sex offender treatment
  • Family violence perpetrator treatment

Evidence briefs

 Older research, evaluation and analysis relating to family (domestic) violence and sexual violence can also be found using the Publication Finder.