Land Valuation Tribunal

COVID-19 Update 15 February 2021
LVT Level one Protocol  [PDF, 116 KB] [PDF, 116 KB]

The Land Valuation Tribunal deals with objections relating to property valuation and the taking of land under the Public Works Act.

Each region has its own tribunal and each tribunal is made up of a District Court Judge and 2 registered valuers.

You can object to your property valuation

If you’re the owner, occupier, a body corporate or the nominated agent you can lodge an objection with the tribunal within 20 days of receiving the ‘decision of review’ letter from your district council or Quotable Value.

Public works

If your land is disturbed by works carried out by a government agency (for example, your council) and your claim has not been resolved, you can apply to the tribunal to hear your case.

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