What happens next

When we receive your application, we’ll check it to make sure it includes the required information then send a copy to the Secretary for Justice for them to make submissions on the matters raised in your application.

You’ll be given an opportunity to respond to the Secretary’s submission.

Before the hearing

The Authority may ask for further information from you or the Secretary for Justice to help it make its decision. When this happens, everyone involved will get a copy of the request and the information provided, and has an opportunity to respond.

The hearing

The Authority does not hold hearings. It makes a decision based on written submissions from the parties, that is, ‘on the papers’.


The Authority will send you and the Secretary for Justice a copy of its written decision.

If you disagree with the Authority's decision

There’s no right of appeal under the Legal Services Act 2011.

The Authority’s decision is binding on all parties.

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