You can appeal to the Tribunal against a decision made by a Complaints Assessment Committee.

You can also ask the Tribunal to review a decision by the Registrar of the Real Estate Authority not to grant or renew a real estate licence.

How much does it cost?

Filing an appeal or a review to the Tribunal is $30 and it can be paid by File and Pay(external link) or filling out the credit/debit card form [PDF, 275 KB].

A response charge does not have a fee and is free.

Appeal a decision by a committee

You need to file your appeal within 20 working days after the date of the committee’s decision.

Under exceptional circumstances the Tribunal may accept an appeal (including cross appeal) no later than 60 working days from the date notice was given. When you send in your application you must provide a letter which states what the exceptional circumstances are, on the basis of which your late appeal should be accepted by the Tribunal.

Fill in this form to make an appeal:

Notice of appeal against a  decision made by a Complaints Assessment Committee [PDF, 139 KB]

Apply to review a decision of the Registrar of the Authority

You need to apply for a review within 20 working days after the date you were notified of the decision.

Fill in this form to apply for a review and send it to us:

Apply for a review of the decision by the Registrar [PDF, 229 KB]

Appoint someone to act for you

You can represent yourself or you can appoint an agent or representative (like a lawyer) to represent you during the appeal, or review process.

Both you and your representative need to fill out this form:

Authority to act [PDF, 451 KB]

You can send it to us with your application form.

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