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  1. [2022] NZREADT 14 - Shaw v REAA (4 July 2022) [PDF, 94 KB]

    Application to review Registrar’s determination / Registrar cancelled licence as person failed to complete required continuing education / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s37, s54d, s55, s112 / Real Estate Agents (Continuing Professional Development Rules) Notice 2018, cl7 / HELD / not disputed that licensee was required to complete CPD by certain dates, received required communications from Registrar, and did not complete CPD by deadline / statutory process followed correctly / Registrar must cancel licence as required by s54d / no error of fact or law / application dismissed, Registrar’s decision confirmed

  2. [2022] NZREADT 10 – HD v REAA and LD (18 May 2022) [PDF, 216 KB]

    Applications to adduce new evidence & for an oral hearing / alleged misrepresentation about difficulty obtaining council consent / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 105, s 107, s 107A, s 111 / Nottingham v Real Estate Agents Authority [2017] NZCA 1 / Eichelbaum v Real Estate Agents Authority (CAC 303) [2016] NZREADT 3 / Complaints Committee No.1 of the Auckland District Law Society v P (2007) 18 PRNZ 760 (HC) / HELD / admissibility / purchaser’s son’s statement and relevant email admitted by consent / purchaser’s wife’s evidence is hearsay & not cogent, cannot be adduced / licensee’s Deal Transaction Report could have been provided to Committee & not cogent, cannot be adduced / licensee’s wife’s evidence about who was at meeting is relevant & cogent; but hearsay or unimportant evidence inadmissible / oral hearing / critical factual issue turns on credibility of witnesses / interests of justice require oral hearing to give evidence and be cross-examined / applications partially granted

  3. [2022] NZREADT 8 - EX & XN v REAA (5 May 2022) [PDF, 204 KB]

    Appeal / complaint licensee did not disclose suicide at property / Committee took no further action / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 111 / Professional Rules 2012, r 6.4 / HELD / purchasers contend licensee advised them of a sudden death at the property, but did not specify it was a suicide / no other evidence provided by purchasers / licensee and manager provided considerable supporting evidence as to disclosure of suicide / disclosure of suicide is confirmed in listing agreement / other prospective purchasers confirm the suicide was disclosed / other licensees at agency confirm disclosure requirements were clearly communicated by manager at team meetings / implausible that licensee disclosed suicide to other prospective purchasers but not the purchasers / appeal dismissed

  4. [2022] NZREADT 7 - WM & NU v Real Estate Agents Authority (28 April 2022) [PDF, 317 KB]

    Appeals by licensee against liability and penalty & complainants against penalty / Committee found unsatisfactory conduct / ordered apology / $7,000 fine / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 72, s 89, s 111 / Professional Rules 2012, r 6.2, r 6.4 / HELD / licensee misrepresented occupation could occur next month but should reasonably have known house was nowhere near completed, in breach of rr 6.2 and 6.4 / withheld information as to the effect on occupation of the lack of council certificates and title, in breach of r 6.4 / developer’s intention to cancel agreement was confidential until actually cancelled, related adverse findings set aside / penalty / gravity of wrongdoing not affected by vacated findings / prior disciplinary history aggravating / fine confirmed / licensee prepared to apologise / not worthwhile for licensee to complete same training again / Committee had no power to refer or award compensation when conduct occurred / compensation not awarded / appeal partially allowed

  5. [2022] NZREADT 6 - Lawrence v REAA (11 April 2022) [PDF, 142 KB]

    Application to be heard / licensees request to be heard on a review of Registrar’s determination that complaint discloses only an inconsequential matter and need not be pursued / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 74, s 105, s 106, s 112 / Real Estate Agents (Complaints and Discipline) Regulations 2009, regs 9, 10 / HELD / deliberate distinction in s 106 to exclude reviews from rights of appearance / reg 9 provides copy of review application must only be given to the Registrar, contrasted with reg 10 for appeals which must be given to licensees / hearing from licensees at this stage risks raising merits of complaint / licensees fully protected by subsequent complaints process / Tribunal observes that it would be reluctant to grant leave to allow new evidence on a review of a s 74(3) determination / application dismissed

  6. [2022] NZREADT 5 - MacDonald v REAA (6 April 2022) [PDF, 221 KB]

    Appeal / complaint licensee did not advise purchasers of a multi-offer situation, and did not give the complainant an opportunity to present their offer / failure to comply with fiduciary obligations, act in good faith and fairly & keep vendors well informed / Committee found unsatisfactory conduct / licensee censured / ordered to undergo training / $1,000 fine / Real Estate Agents Act 2007, s 72, s 89, s 111 / Professional Rules 2012, rr 6.1, 6.2, 6.4, 9.3 / HELD / Tribunal hearings initially adjourned, stayed, pending appellant’s medical circumstances / further adjournments required full medical certificate / no medical evidence provided which could justify failure to participate / appellant did not provide substantive submissions / appellant bears onus of proof / Committee’s decisions confirmed

  7. [2022] NZREADT 4 - CX v REAA (5 April 2022) [PDF, 324 KB]

    Appeal / complaint licensees fraudulently advertised property / claim that destocking date in sale and purchase agreement did not reflect the lease, despite licensees advising it would / also, licensees failed to disclose that water tanks on property belonged to lessee and were not connected to district scheme, as set out in supplied property reports / Committee took no further action / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 111 / Professional Rules 2012, rr 6.4 / HELD / no breach of r 6.4 / appellant knew licensees did not have a copy of the lease / licensees made proper enquiries to check consistency / on the facts, destocking date in agreement consistent with lease / appellant raised no relevant query about water tanks, nothing to alert licensees about ownership issue / property reports warned information was supplied by vendors / obligation under r 6.4 is not a substitute for purchaser due diligence / Committee’s decision confirmed 

  8. [2022] NZREADT 3 - IE v REAA (15 March 2022) [PDF, 189 KB]

    Jurisdiction / Registrar’s determination / Registrar determined not to pursue a complaint as it only disclosed an inconsequential matter / applicant continued corresponding with the Authority over some months and the Authority continued to advise that the complaint remained closed / applicant then applied to review an email advising that the complaint remained closed / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 74(3), s 112 / Lawrence v Registrar of the Real Estate Authority [2021] NZREADT 44 / Leaders Real Estate (1987) Ltd v Real Estate Agents Authority [2015] NZREADT 41 / HELD / email advising the complaint remained closed is not a determination under s 112(1) / does not make findings or decisions concerning rights / merely confirms that an earlier decision had been made / review of substantive earlier determination is out of time / Tribunal has no power to extend time for review applications under s 112 / no jurisdiction / application dismissed

  9. [2022] NZREADT 2 - BX v REAA (28 February 2022) [PDF, 276 KB]

    Appeal / licensee incorrectly represented rental income from cottage and loft as legal / failed to recognise cottage not residentially consented; did advise loft not consented / did not draw warranties to vendors’ attention / showed property without agency agreement / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 111 / Professional Rules 2012, rr 5.1, 6.4, 9.6 / unsatisfactory conduct for breach of rr 5.1 (vendor warranties), 6.4 (cottage consent, cottage & loft income) / no penalty for minor breach of r 9.6 (agency agreement), no prejudice / instructed not to disclose suicide on property / licensee appropriately disclosed significant event occurred / no evidence appellant could cancel agreement after sale confirmed as unconditional / Committee has no power to order compensation when conduct occurred / $3,500 fine confirmed / censure confirmed / appeal dismissed

  10. [2022] NZREADT 1 - DU v Real Estate Agents Authority & DC (1 February 2022) [PDF, 333 KB]

    Appeal / vendor sold property to another purchaser / complaint licensee dealt unfairly with an unsuccessful offeror, leading to unfair sale process and wasted due diligence costs / did not advise of another higher offer, and did not engage in multi-offer process / also alleged licensee failed to disclose subsidence issue to successful purchaser / Committee took no further action / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 109A, s 111 / Professional Rules 2012, rr 5.1, 6.2, 6.4, 10.7, 10.8 / HELD / strike-outgrounds not met / reasonable to recommend due diligence / licensee not aware of other bidder at times relevant to allegations / successful purchaser dealt directly with vendor / licensee raised multi-offer process but vendor declined / licensee disclosed subsidence issue to purchaser when sending draft sale and purchase agreement / no evidence purchasers not told of subsidence issue by vendor / purchasers declined to speak to investigator / Committee’s decision confirmed

  11. [2021] NZREADT 54 – Complaints Assessment Committee 2106 v Mathers (6 December 2021) [PDF, 257 KB]

    Costs application by licensee / Committee withdrew charges against licensee close to substantive hearing / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 110A / survey of applicable principles for costs in READT / tribunals have broader costs discretion than courts / no rule that costs follow the event, but may be appropriate in some cases / requires something more than success / relevant that Committee is exercising a public function / licensee’s defence was that it is normal practice for agents to take client lists when leaving an agency, despite contractual obligations / expert evidence supported this defence / Committee lacked diligence in investigating defence before tribunal processes invoked and charges laid / appropriate case for costs to follow the event / quantum is a contribution towards reasonable actual costs / parties accept High Court costs scale is useful to assess reasonable costs / costs of $14,340 awarded to licensee  DP

  12. [2021] NZREADT 55 – Lammas v Real Estate Agents Authority (6 December 2021) [PDF, 340 KB]

    Appeal and cross-appeal / licensees did not provide REAA guide before entering into agency agreement / also attended vendor’s property to serve demand for commission and photographed service / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 127 / Professional Rules 2012, rr 5.1, 5.2, 6.3, 9.11 / HELD / vendors’ appeal against no further action decision on complaints about privacy and inadequate supervision / not unprofessional to lawfully effect personal service or take photograph / privacy rights properly enforced in other jurisdictions / no failure to properly supervise / licensees’ appeal against breach findings for rr 5.1 and 9.11 / minor breach of s 127(1) and rr 5.1 and 5.2 by failing to provide REAA guide before entering into agreement / guide was supplied by consent later that evening / r 9.11 only applies on notice of cancellation, not when agency agreement expires / no breach of r 9.11 / $3,000 fine per licensee vacated, substituted with $500 fine per licensee  DP

  13. [2021] NZREADT 53 - D v REAA & X (15 October 2021) [PDF, 235 KB]

    Unprofessional behaviour / licensee wrote to vendor expressing concern about the junior agent they listed with / whether conduct likely to bring real estate industry into disrepute / Vosper v Real Estate Agents Authority [2017] NZHC 453 / Watson v Real Estate Agents Authority (CAC 1906) [2021] NZREADT 37 / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 72, s 111 / Professional Rules 2012, r 6.3 / no breach of r 6.3 / isolated communication using moderate language / no intention to offend / complaint made by principal of junior agent’s firm, not consumer / text message arguably below standard expected and might be unacceptable, but not sufficient to warrant disciplinary response / licensee apologised and donated to charity / Committee’s decisions reversed / no further action 

  14. [2021] NZREADT 52 - QH v KE, SE & Agency (14 October 2021) [PDF, 299 KB]

    False and misleading information / website listing categorised part rural zoned property as residential / whether complainant was misled at the time contract went unconditional / Real Estate Agents Act 2008, s 73, s 111 / Professional Rules 2012, r 6.4, r 8.3 / new evidence on appeal / partial extract of valuation report unable to be relied on / r 6.4 does not require an intention to mislead / advertisement contained false and misleading information, reader entitled to take information at face value / unlikelycomplainant did not know of true zoning /  information present on sale contract and certificate of title / advised to undertake due diligence / determination confirmed.