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  1. [2020] NZREADT 02 - Clough v CAC 520, Bunn & Christiansen - Penalty (5 February 2020) [PDF, 157 KB]

    In its decision [2019] NZREADT 46, the Tribunal allowed the appeal and found that the licensees had engaged in unsatisfactory conduct. Tribunal declines to make an order of compensation to the appellant, an order of costs is also declined as no proof of incurred costs provided. Both licensees are censured and Mr Christiansen is ordered to provide an apology addressed to the appellant on a form approved by the Authority.

  2. [2020] NZREADT 01 - Leith v CAC 1903 & Cobham - Ruling (24 January 2020) [PDF, 143 KB]

    Ruling of the Tribunal on an application to submit further evidence on appeal. Appellant filed an application for leave to submit further evidence in support of her appeal. Tribunal ruled that the material that was already before the CAC, is already on file so leave is not required, the rest of the application is declined as the appellant has not satisfied the Tribunal that the evidence could not have been provided to the CAC, nor is the Tribunal satisfied that the evidence will materially assist the Tribunal in determing the appeal.

  3. [2019] NZREADT 39 - Feschiev - Ruling [PDF, 294 KB]

    The Tribunal was required to make rulings on the following points, a) whether the appellant is out of time to appeal against the CAC decision against the agency, b) whether the licencee should be given leave to file a late appeal, c) whether the licencee should be directed to provide further evidence in support of her application for leave to file a late appeal; and d) whether the appellant can adduce new evidence to the Tribunal.All applications declined.