Important COVID-19 information on the Tenancy Tribunal: During the COVID-19 lockdown, local courthouses are only open to essential services.

Any Tenancy Tribunal hearings that were previously scheduled to occur during the period of lockdown have been adjourned, you will be notified of a new date for your hearing once the lockdown has been lifted.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, the Tenancy Tribunal has been given special powers to deal with specific types of applications. These powers include the ability have hearings on the papers presented, without each party attending in person, the Tribunal may also hold a hearing by telephone or videoconference. You will be notified by Tenancy Services if this is to occur in your case.

Landlords and tenants should talk to each other, work together and take care of each other wherever possible. Try to come to an arrangement that suits everyone. We need to work together and help each other to fight Covid-19.

See the Tenancy Services website for updated information on how the Tenancy Tribunal will operate during this time.(external link)

The Tenancy Tribunal holds hearings to settle disputes between tenants and landlords. It also settles unit title disputes. Before coming to the Tribunal, you can try to settle your dispute through mediation.

Contact the Tribunal through Tenancy Services which is the main point of contact for the Tribunal(external link)

Contact the Tribunal directly if:

  • your hearing is less than 5 days away and you can’t attend
  • you have a question about a rehearing or an appeal.

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