The Tenancy Tribunal holds hearings to settle disputes between tenants and landlords. It also settles unit title disputes. Before coming to the Tribunal, you can try to settle your dispute through mediation.

Contact the Tribunal through Tenancy Services which is the main point of contact for the Tribunal(external link)

Contact the Tribunal directly if:

  • your hearing is less than 5 days away and you can’t attend
  • you have a question about a rehearing or an appeal.

Tenant Liability for Damages Practice Note

This practice note is produced in response to the decision of the New Zealand Court of Appeal in Holler & Rouse v Osaki [2016] NZCA 130 [PDF, 544KB](external link). It outlines liability for damages to a rental property.

Download Practice Note on Tenant Liability for Damages [PDF, 133KB]

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