Extension & evaluation ideas

Content on this page is intended for extension activities and evaluating learning.

1. Concept of definition

Students write down as many words as they can that have been part of the activities in this study of justice.  They sort these into categories of similarities and give each group a title then create a concept of definition map of these words to show how they understand them in the context of the justice system.

2. Do a review of media stories

Select several media stories about the justice system or have the students source their own.  In groups students consider these stories and report back on how the story reflects some of the concepts that are part of this study (social justice, human rights, responsibilities etc). 

3. Visit a court

Visiting a court can be a valuable educational experience. 

If you are planning a court visit with your students, it is important to contact the court in advance. It may be possible to arrange for court staff to meet with your group. While all courts (except the Youth Court and the Family Court) have public galleries, it is important to check that the case you are planning to observe is suitable for your students.

To make an enquiry about group visits contact your local District Court, High Court or the Court of Appeal(external link)

 Or to find out about tours of New Zealand’s highest court contact the visitors centre at the Supreme Court(external link) 

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