Links to the New Zealand Curriculum

This content is designed to assist teachers and students studying the justice system. It has links to the social studies curriculum. The ideas for teachers provide a framework for students to gain the knowledge, skills and experience outlined in the achievement objectives below.

The activities and the content in this section of the website may align with other big ideas /concepts, such as human rights (Level 5), social justice (Level 6), and government (Levels 5-8). The activities can be adapted to suit the needs of students working at levels 3 - 4 of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Social Studies achievement objectives

Students studying the justice system will gain knowledge, skills and experience to:

  • Level 3
    Understand how groups make and implement rules and laws.
  • Level 4
    Understand how producers and consumers exercise their rights and meet their responsibilities.
  • Level 5
    Understand how systems of government in New Zealand operate and affect people's lives, and how they compare with another system. Understand how people define and seek human rights.
  • Level 6
    Understand how individuals, groups, and institutions work to promote social justice and human rights.

Social Science concepts

Other social science concepts that link in with the content provided on this website are: organisation, democracy, government systems, rights, responsibilities, authority, community, society, roles, participation, and social action.

Key competencies

Key competencies students can learn from this content are: thinking, using language, managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing.

Understanding in relation to the achievement of objectives can be developed through a range of approaches. For instance using a social inquiry approach, students:

  • ask questions, gather information and ideas, and examine relevant current issues
  • explore and analyse people's values and perspectives
  • consider the ways in which people make decisions and participate in social action
  • reflect on and evaluate the understandings they have developed and the responses that may be required.

Teachers could also use the Social Inquiry Interactive Planner(external link) to develop the unit further.

Elements on the website could also be used to support the study of systems of government and how nations set up institutions to protect their citizens.

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