4.4 Court lists

Court lists detail the court’s schedule for the day and set out the details of cases such as hearing times and locations, case numbers and names, who is presiding over the hearing and the hearing type.  The lists may note if the cases are subject to any suppression orders, but it is important to double check what orders are in place with the court registry staff and to abide by any statutory prohibitions that may be in place. They are posted in the waiting area of the court or are available on request from court registry staff.  In many busy courts, schedules are published on electronic boards.

Court lists for the senior courts – the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court – are available on the Courts of New Zealand website.(external link)

Family Court lists are displayed outside the Family Court rooms. The information on the court list will include identifying information and it is subject to the same reporting restrictions as information produced at a hearing. 

Court lists are prepared as a guideline. Every endeavour is made to ensure these lists are accurate, but the details can change at short notice. You can check with the court registry staff if you need clarification of a change.

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