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  1. Family justice reforms: An initial cohort analysis [PDF, 898 KB]

    The purpose of this analysis is to join administrative data to enable an assessment of the current Family Justice System, including both in-court and out-of-court information. We tracked an initial cohort of people as they proceeded through the Family Justice System following the reforms. The report describes the different pathways of this initial cohort, how long it takes to go through the Family Justice System depending on the pathway taken, and the effectiveness of each pathway on reaching an...

  2. Safer Sooner: Strengthening New Zealand’s Family Violence Laws [PDF, 7.9 MB]

    The Government is overhauling our family violence laws, in particular the Domestic Violence Act 1995. The changes will improve how we respond to family violence to make victims safer and stop perpetrators using violence. It’s a package of reforms that will strengthen both the civil and criminal law. The package will also introduce future-focused provisions to support the wider Ministerial Group on Family Violence and Sexual Violence (the Ministerial Group) work programme.