Apply for a Separation Order when you both agree

If you need help to fill in the forms you can find out more on affidavits and statutory declarations.

Note: When you print the forms it's important to print them single sided.

  1. Fill in the 3 forms. You both need to sign the forms:
    Application form for order (or declaration) on notice – G5 [PDF, 47 KB]
    General affidavit [PDF, 38 KB]
    Information sheet to accompany certain applications – G7 [PDF, 44 KB]
  2. File your application.
    Find out more about how to file documents

What happens after you file your application

A judge will look at your application and will decide whether to grant the application without a hearing, or if both of you need to go to court before making the Separation Order.

If the Separation Order is made, it’s usually valid from the day the judge makes the order. The court will send copies to both of you.

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