Divorce forms & fees

Decide if you want to appear in court

Decide if you want to appear in court to get a Dissolution Order (divorce). Appearing in court may mean that an order can be made sooner because a Judge will deal with your application rather than a Registrar however, that will depend entirely on when the court can allocate a court hearing date and it is advisable that you discuss with the court how soon that could be before making any decision.

If you don’t want to appear in court, you need to fill out the affidavit part of the form and swear it in front of a court registrar, justice of the peace or solicitor.

If you want to appear in court, you don’t need to fill in or swear the affidavit. The court will tell you when you need to come to court after you file your application.


The fee for applying for a divorce (Dissolution Order) is $211.50.

In some cases, you can ask the court to waive the fee. This means you won’t have to pay. If you are making a joint application for a Dissolution Order, both of you will need to fill in a fee waiver form if you want the court to waive the fee.

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Note: When you print the forms it's important to print them single sided.

Dissolution (divorce) application when you don't agree - pack 1 [PDF, 4.5 MB]

Dissolution (divorce) application when you agree – pack 2 [PDF, 3.2 MB]

Notice of defence - G12 [PDF, 58 KB]

Without notice interlocutory application for substituted service - G21 & affidavit [PDF, 211 KB]

General affidavit [PDF, 38 KB]

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