Broadening the Privacy Act’s notification rules

The Government is considering potential changes to the notification rules for collecting personal information under the Privacy Act 2020.

The proposed changes would broaden the Act’s requirements for an individual to be notified when an agency collects their personal information indirectly through a third party.

Extending the requirement to indirect collection would promote transparency. Transparency regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information is fundamental to protecting individuals’ privacy rights and their dignity and autonomy. Transparency enables individuals to:

  • make informed privacy choices;
  • hold agencies to account for their privacy practices; and
  • exercise their privacy rights under the Privacy Act 2020 (the Privacy Act).

These changes would ensure New Zealand keeps up to date with privacy laws and best practice in overseas jurisdictions. They would also support international trade, and in particular the cross-border flow of personal information as a basis for digital trade.

The Ministry of Justice administers the Act and wants to hear from stakeholders and the public on the form and scope of the proposals. The Ministry is keen to hear from agencies involved in the indirect collection of personal information, whether domestically or overseas, as well as from individuals whose personal information may be indirectly collected.

Engagement document

The Engagement Document [PDF, 219 KB] has further detail and background, including on how to give feedback.

How to contact us

Please email your feedback to or post it to:

Electoral and Constitutional
Ministry of Justice
PO Box 180
Wellington 6140

We need to receive it by 5pm Friday 30 September 2022.

Further reading

The Privacy Act 2020 is the primary framework in New Zealand governing its laws around privacy:

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