Te Au Reka

Making it easier to interact with our courts and tribunals

In a major new initiative, the Ministry of Justice and the judiciary are setting out to modernise the way we support the functions of our courts and tribunals.

We intend to source a solution, called Te Au Reka, to support modern and effective case management, judicial decision making, court and tribunal management, and to enable participants to engage online with the courts and tribunals.

Te Au Reka will touch the lives of all those who access and participate in New Zealand’s courts and tribunals. When complete, engaging with the courts will be simpler, faster and more accessible.

Te Au Reka will be implemented in three phases, starting in the Family Court.

The sweet flow

Te Au Reka is a phrase used in a Tairāwhiti karakia (Māori prayer) for opening a new meeting house. Te Au translates as ‘current’ or ‘flow’, and Reka translates as ‘sweet, palatable and pleasant.’ Te Au Reka means the sweet flow.

Te Au Reka conjures an image of a case management system that enables court processes to flow seamlessly from beginning to end.

Te Au Reka stands at the doorway of a modern court and tribunal system that is trusted, safe and responds to the needs of its users. It will positively impact the wellbeing of all those who interact with the court, making it easier to engage with the court and know what is happening.

Soon we will be going to market to engage a supplier to work with us in developing Te Au Reka.

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