Whakaorangia te Mana Tangata

Whakaorangia te Mana Tangata is a whānau centred initiative that is designed and provided by local iwi or iwi mandated service providers, to support Māori offenders, victims and whānau through the court process.

The overarching aims of the Whakaorangia te Mana Tangata initiative are to:

  • Reduce the imprisonment rates for Māori in the target courts by providing Judges with better information about offenders’ backgrounds, circumstances and facts contributing to reoffending, as well as the support available and plans to address those factors.
  • Reduce the reoffending rates for Māori in the target courts by supporting community involvement, wraparound services for participants and keeping whānau together.
  • Humanise the court experience by seeing people in a context that is wider than their alleged offence.

Whakaorangia te Mana Tangata contributes to the realisation of the Te Ao Mārama vision for the District Court, and the overarching outcomes of meeting the needs of local iwi and communities, by tailoring services in each Court, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

How does this initiative work? 

Te Tāhū o te Ture is committed to building strong, meaningful partnerships with iwi mandated service providers and supports the implementation of Whakaorangia te Mana Tangata at a local level.

Iwi mandated service providers identify any factors contributing to offending and work with offenders, victims and whānau to understand their needs and circumstances. They are connected to the appropriate services to address those needs and, where necessary, assist in the creation and implementation of a support plan with the whānau. 

Where required, information will be provided to the Court about the circumstances and the support available to address identified needs. 

Victims, like whānau, are included and supported to ensure their views and needs are addressed.

Where is Whakaorangia te Mana Tangata available?

Whakaorangia te Mana Tangata, gifted the name Tuteāniwaniwa by local service provider Waitomo Papakāinga Development Society Inc, was implemented in the Kaitāia District Court in late March 2022.

Collaboration with local iwi and an iwi mandated service provider is underway to implement Whakaorangia te Mana Tangata in Tairāwhiti. Discussions are being progressed with local iwi to implement in Hamilton.

Over time, Whakaorangia te Mana Tangata will be available in more locations, to be confirmed in due course.


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