Structure and jurisdictions (generalist)

Key statutes

  • Admiralty Act 1973
  • District Court Act 2016
  • Senior Courts Act 2016
  • Contempt of Court Act 2019
  • Court Matters Act 2018
  • Courts Security Act 1999
  • Family Violence Act 2018

Key secondary legislation

  • District Court (Access to Court Documents) Rules 2017
  • District Court Rules 2014
  • District Courts and High Court (Criminal Fees) Regulations 2013
  • District Courts Fees Regulations 2009
  • Senior Courts (Access to Court Documents) Rules 2017
  • Senior Courts (High Court Commercial Panel) Order 2017

Information/links to recent or currently underway reviews

The Court Matters Act 2018 and the Tribunals Powers and Procedures Legislation Act 2018 formed an integrated package of amendments contributing to the goal of a modern, effective, and efficient courts and tribunals system. Further information on these Acts can be found here: 

New Zealand Legislation website(external link)

Forward work

The Rules Committee regularly updates Court Rules to improve court practice. Further information on the Rules Committee and its current major projects can be found at:

Courts of NZ: Rules Committee(external link)