Youth Justice Indicators

These indicators measure volumes and patterns across key stages in the youth justice system. They include information about entry into the system, how young people progress through it, and reoffending. Data for the indicators was provided by the New Zealand Police, Oranga Tamariki and the Ministry of Justice. 

The Youth Justice Indicators Summary Report December 2021 contains information on each indicator in the form of an infographic. These infographics summarise data by ethnic group, offence type, gender and Police District. 

Youth Justice Indicators Summary Report December 2021 [PDF, 4.4 MB]

More detailed information on all indicators is available in the Youth Justice Indicators December 2021 Workbook. This includes information by age and offence seriousness, as well as data on all dimensions over time.

Youth Justice Indicators December 2021 Workbook [XLSX, 2.9 MB]

The following document provides the counting rules and limitations for each youth justice indicator shown in the Youth Justice Indicators Summary Report December 2021, and EXCEL workbook Youth Justice Indicators December 2021 Workbook.

Youth Justice Indicators Counting Rules and Limitations December 2021 [PDF, 247 KB]

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