Practice notes and guides

Doc titleDate of issueDocument typeAct/ Regulations citedConcerning
ARLA PNG 1 [PDF, 177 KB] 26-Nov-13 Practice directions and statements s 66(3). S 104 (2-3). Sets out which documents district licensing committees should forward to the Authority.
s 221 Filing requirements for applications referred to the Authority.
  Numbering of District Licensing Committees Licences and Managers' certificates
s 411, s 218 Issuing of limited renewal certificates. Includes form and numbering scheme for Territorial Authorities.
s136 Procedure around issuing of Temporary Authorities
ARLA PNG 2 [PDF, 133 KB] 20-Dec-13 Practice directions and statements   Monthly Returns (includes template)
ARLA PNG 3 [PDF, 71 KB] 28-Jan-14 Practice directions and statements SR 213/459 Schedule Notice of renewal form (form 15) and Additions to licence forms 9, 10  and 11
ARLA PNG 4 [PDF, 7.7 KB] Oct-14 Practice direction ss 112-115 Compulsory Single Area Alcohol Display Conditions for Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
ARLA PNG 5 [PDF, 95 KB] 19-Mar-15 Practice note ss82 and 83(2), s 86(1-2), s205(2)(d) Provisional Local Alcohol Policies. Clarifying under which circumstances the ARLA may consider a resubmitted PLAP in private.
ARLA PNG 6 [PDF, 90 KB] 3-Jun-15 Practice note   Sets filing deadline of 10 working days before a hearing for submission of briefs of evidence.
ARLA PNG 7 [PDF, 186 KB] 28-Jul-15 Practice directions and statements s 125, s 409, s 38 Renewal of caterers' off licences issued under Sale of Liquor Act 1989. Caterers' endorsements to exisiting on-licences.
ARLA PNG 8 [PDF, 186 KB]       ARLA PNG 8 loaded in error
ARLA PNG 9 [PDF, 136 KB] Oct-16 Penalty Guidelines for Enforcement Officers ss 288-90 Guidelines to Enforcement Officers for suspensions of licences and certificates based on case-law including guidelines on scheduling of suspensions.
ARLA PNG 10 [PDF, 103 KB] Mar-17 Practice note s 171, s 201 Requirement for DLCs to provide the Authority with written transcripts of any proceedings which are appealed.