Make a claim

The first step in applying for compensation from the Criminal Justice Assistance Reimbursement Scheme is to find out if you're eligible.

See what the scheme can help with

To apply fill in and send us this form:

Make a claim [PDF, 322 KB]

If you can’t download the form contact us and we’ll post one to you.

You can send us the form by email or post:


Postal address:
Tribunals Unit
Criminal Justice Assistance Reimbursement Scheme
Private Bag 32001

If there's any information missing from your claim it will delay the process, so make sure you fill out everything and if you have any questions you can contact us

Evidence to support your claim

You must provide evidence to support your claim. Include things like:

  • statements from the police confirming what happened
  • proof of any property being claimed for and its current value
  • how the property was lost or damaged. 

You’re responsible for providing the proof that there was loss, and that the loss was as a direct result of helping police as a witness.

You can also include letters of support from any social services agencies who have helped you, such as Victim Support.

Having someone represent you

You can choose a person or an organisation to be your agent or representative. You’re still responsible for anything they do on your behalf. This means it’s important that you choose your representative carefully.

You can stop this person from being your agent or representative at any time. To do this you need to tell us in writing.

How your agent or representative can help

They can:

  • access your personal information relating to your case
  • receive correspondence relating to your case
  • act on your behalf in most matters relating to your case.

Appoint someone to act for you

You can represent yourself or you can appoint an agent or representative (like a lawyer) to represent you during the process.

Both you and your representative need to fill out this form:

Authority to act

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