Criminal Process Improvement Programme (CPIP)

Criminal Process Improvement Programme (CPIP)

These documents and forms are for the CPIP pilot at Hamilton DC commencing 6 December 2021 and Hutt Valley commencing 13 June 2022.

Duty Lawyer Operational Policy Hamilton and Hutt Valley DC pilots [PDF, 451 KB].
Policies that apply to the duty lawyer service for the CPIP pilot.

Form 21-2 (Waiver) [PDF, 169 KB]
A form for use by duty lawyer’s to record their instructions combined with a checklist to ensure any instructions are fully informed.

Appendix to Duty Lawyer Attendance Sheet – Tax Invoice [PDF, 207 KB]
A form to be attached as an appendix to the Duty Lawyer Attendance Sheet – Tax Invoice for use 

Hamilton and Hutt Valley District Court CPIP Pilots [PDF, 266 KB]
Legal aid policies and other initiatives in the criminal jurisdiction that apply for the CPIP pilots only.

Criminal Legal Aid Application Form for CPIP Pilot
A revised criminal legal aid application form to be used only for the CPIP pilots at Hamilton and Hutt Valley DC.

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