Subsidised arbitration and mediation services to support businesses and landlords

Landlords and businesses seeking assistance to resolve commercial lease disputes arising from COVID-19 will be able to access subsidised arbitration and mediation services from 25 September 2020 to March 2021.

The subsidised services were previously announced by the Minister of Justice on 30 July. They are intended to support small or medium businesses to resolve disputes about rent payments as they face the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Arbitrations will be subsidised up to $6,000 (including GST) per dispute while mediations will be fully funded.

Mediation involves an independent mediator working with both parties to resolve the commercial lease dispute by reaching agreement.  With arbitration, an arbitrator will make a decision to settle the dispute after considering the arguments of both parties.

The subsidised services are now available through suppliers approved by the Ministry of Justice. More information about how to access the subsidised services is available on the Ministry of Justice website at:

COVID-19 commercial lease dispute services

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