Wellbeing Budget 2019

This year’s Wellbeing Budget delivers a comprehensive funding package dedicated to eliminating family violence and sexual violence in Aotearoa.

This investment will drive substantial improvements in wellbeing for people currently affected by violence. It will help future generations live free of family violence and sexual violence and build the sort of country we can be proud of. 

The first Joint Venture Budget package will invest $320.9 million over four years, in five key areas:

  • Increasing investment in prevention ($47.8 million)
  • Safe, consistent and effective responses in communities ($84.3 million)
  • Growing specialist sexual violence services ($131.1 million)
  • Improving the Justice response to victims of sexual violence ($37.8 million)
  • Coordination across the Joint Venture to support new ways of working across government in partnership with communities and Māori ($20.0 million)

This funding will support initiatives across eight Joint Venture agencies working together to prevent, and respond to, family violence and sexual violence. 

Announcing the package, Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, and Under-Secretary, Jan Logie, reinforced that preventing and eliminating family violence and sexual violence is one of the greatest opportunities to improve wellbeing of New Zealanders.

Summary of initiatives [PDF, 887 KB]

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