Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy

Together, we can make Aotearoa New Zealand the best place in the world for children and young people. Law and policy form part of the ecosystem that supports families and whānau to nurture their tamariki and youth.

Our contribution to the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy is focused on two key areas of work:

  1. Strengthening the Family justice system by giving effect to some of the recommendations from the Family Court review published in 2019. The review took a human rights approach to ensure that the welfare and best interests of children are paramount when settling disputes about their care.
  2. We are working with the Ministry of Education on the part of the Strategy that aims to ensure that children and young people live free from racism and discrimination.

In addition to this work, the Ministry plays an active role in the Joint Venture on Family Violence and Sexual Violence. We are also implementing new family violence law and supporting the passage of the Sexual Violence Legislation Bill.This mahi is critical to enabling strong, healthy families and communities that support children's development.

We also contribute to child and youth wellbeing is through our support of the Family Court, Ngā Kōti Rangatahi and Pasifika Courts. Rangatahi Courts operate in the same way as the Youth Court, but are held on marae and follow Māori cultural processes. Pasifika Courts also operate in the same way as the Youth Court, but are held in Pasifika churches or community centres and follow Pasifika cultural processes. These courts aim to reduce youth reoffending and enable Māori and Pasifika communities to be more involved in each step of the youth justice process.

Our work on the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy reinforces the importance of whole-of-government approaches to wellbeing.

Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy(external link)

Family Court Review

Joint Venture on Family Violence and Sexual Violence

Family Violence Act

Sexual Violence Legislation Bill(external link)

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