The Criminal Justice Summit

An investment into long-term reform changes and a new model for the criminal justice system in New Zealand.

The summit was an important investment into generating long-term sustainable changes for the criminal justice system. The $1.6 million spent on organising and running the summit should be seen alongside the scale of the summit, the number of people and breadth of ideas generated at the event. Those ideas will contribute to the objectives of the Hāpaitia Te Oranga Tangata, Safe and Effective Justice Programme.

Described by international attendees as ‘unprecedented’ and ‘world leading in its approach’, the summit was attended by more than 600 people from a diverse range of backgrounds; Victims, community advocates and people who have offended participated in a conversation alongside members of the judiciary, public sector officials and Members of Parliament. The structure of this summit was focused on co-design and partnership. It was designed to be interactive and promote a collaborative approach. Everyone who attended was expected to participate and take ownership of a proposal to reform the criminal justice system.

Over the three days participants engaged in an open conversation with Ministers and public-sector leaders. Breakout sessions focused on designing a future model for New Zealand’s justice system and examined issues such as Māori over-representation, victim support and crime prevention.

External consultants PWC and ThinkPlace worked with the Ministry of Justice, NZ Police and the Department of Corrections on the content and design of the summit, resources and facilitation of all the breakout sessions.

The summit was aimed at starting a public conversation about how we can reform our criminal justice system effectively. The media coverage, social media posts and online public submissions have shown us that this has been achieved.

The summit allowed the justice sector to engage and collaborate with international experts and people who have a lived experience in the system. Importantly, it has signalled a new approach and partnership with Māori to address the over representation of Māori in the criminal justice system.

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Criminal Justice Summit Costs:


Total Cost (excl GST)

Description of goods/services included

Day 1 Launch Event $16,192 Opening event at Parliament to welcome Summit attendees after they register.
Venue hire $13,255 Hiring the Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua for three days.
Venue set-up $36,752 Hiring and installing tables, chairs, carpet tiles, drapes, table linens and setting up exhibitions.
Venue audio visual $220,211 Installing and maintaining the stage, screens, lighting, and sound systems in the 48 hours before and during the event. This required a full build crew, as well as full technical crew to run the audio-visual elements during the day.
Print and media collateral design and development $114,690 Interviewing and filming New Zealanders across Aotearoa to get their views on the current criminal justice system and producing videos that were used at the Summit. Also, developing content for the Summit which focused on highlighting the ‘voice of the children' through exhibitions, production of videos of primary school children talking about the criminal justice system and supporting and coordinating a group of young people to speak at the summit. Video also captured the discussions, speeches and activities throughout the summit, and will be used as resources for future engagement and consultation for the reform programme.
Travel and transfer to Summit $14,315 Transporting attendees and support staff from four bus pick up locations to and from the Summit in Porirua.
Hosting and registration services $20,278 Setting up and dismantling the registration desks at three locations in the lead up to the Summit. Professional security services, powhiri, Wellington Free Ambulance, registration of website domain for 12 months, lanyards.
Conversation and insights support and capture $10,939 Photographer to capture summit activities and content. Providing interpretation services (incl Te Reo and sign language) and running online participation tools for people to input their thoughts and ideas throughout the day.
Masters of Ceremony $26,592 Facilitating the two days as well as flights, accommodation and expenses.
Catering $65,800 Providing food and drink refreshments to 700 attendees throughout the two days. This consisted of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and access to beverages on both days.
International speaker fees $13,000 Paying for international speakers at $NZ 500 per day. The schedule for international speakers included post-summit panel discussions and presentations across the justice sector.
International speaker travel $66,185 Travel for the international speakers attending the Summit.
International speaker accommodation and expenses $22,343 Accommodation for one week for the international speakers attending the Summit.
NZ speakers and funded attendees’ flights, accommodation and expenses $14,148 Flights and accommodation for New Zealand based speakers and funded attendees who required accommodation and expenses.
PWC $228,889 Worked with justice sector officials to design a summit that is interactive, collaborative and that allowed a diverse range of people to engage in the conversations and activities. This includes pre-summit engagement with key stakeholders and preparing materials that were used for the duration of the summit.
ThinkPlace $515,492 Worked on project initiation and planning and developing the scope of the Summit. This includes research interviews to support the design of the summit and materials for summit activities. This also includes work to help stakeholders understand the complexities of the justice system to support the design of the summit experience and wider programme.
Conference Innovators $105,402 Conference management fee includes managing all attendee requirements, booking and managing travel and accommodation for speakers, facilitators and funded attendees. Registration services for all attendees including Website portal design and maintenance. Ensuring Health and Safety of all attendees at the venue, engagement, contracting and management of all onsite third parties: AV / Catering / Venue staff. Generation of all event accreditation.
Contractor support for Summit design and delivery $120,877 Contractor support costs relating to the design and delivery of the Summit. Included in this is project management, administration and communication support.
TOTAL $1,550,157*


*This total figure is lower than the expected $1,625,360 due to a less than expected final invoice.


  1. Criminal Justice Summit – Indicative Programme [PDF, 1022 KB]
  2. Summit Working Draft Runsheet - 20180717 [PDF, 1.6 MB]
  3. Summit Session Plan and Runsheet - 20180808 [PDF, 1.8 MB]
  4. Framing the Summit [PDF, 977 KB]
  5. Summit Resources [PDF, 1.9 MB]
  6. Hāpaitia te Oranga tangata – Summit and Programme update [PDF, 2 MB]
  7. Aide Memoire – Meeting with International Guests [PDF, 1.2 MB]
  8. Safe and Effective Justice – Public Conversation [PDF, 1.2 MB]
  9. Hāpaitia te Oranga Tangata – SEJ Programme – 8 June 2018 [PDF, 5.2 MB]
  10. Hāpaitia te Oranga Tangata – SEJ Programme – 18 June 2018 [PDF, 1.4 MB]
  11. The Criminal Justice Summit – 6 July 2018 [PDF, 6.1 MB]
  12. The Criminal Justice Summit – 13 July 2018 [PDF, 3.5 MB]
  13. The Criminal Justice Summit – 20 July 2018 [PDF, 2.9 MB]
  14. The Criminal Justice Summit – 27 July 2018 [PDF, 3.4 MB]
  15. The Criminal Justice Summit – 3 August 2018 [PDF, 3.4 MB]

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