New Zealand Crime & Safety Survey (NZCASS)

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What is the NZCASS?

The New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey (NZCASS) is a face-to-face survey of almost 7000 randomly chosen people living in New Zealand who are aged 15 or over.

The NZCASS has been carried out three times: 2014, 2009 and 2006.

What information does the NZCASS collect?

The NZCASS collects information about New Zealanders’ feelings of safety and their experiences of crime. The survey aims to:

  • provide information about the extent and nature of crime and victimisation in New Zealand
  • measure how much crime gets reported to Police
  • understand who experiences crime and how they react
  • identify the groups who are more at risk of being a victim
  • understand the experiences and needs of victims
  • measure crime trends in New Zealand.

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Read more about what questions are asked and what data is available

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Who is the survey for and why do we do it?

Knowing more about New Zealanders’ experiences of crimes will help a range of agencies like the Ministry of Justice and Police, create safer neighbourhoods and communities.

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How is the survey carried out?

Interviews are conducted face-to-face using laptop computers rather than paper questionnaires. The interviews happen in participants’ homes. Depending on the questions asked, they normally take between 30 and 50 minutes. A private research company is contracted to the Ministry of Justice to do these interviews.

Read more about the survey methodology on our technical information pages.

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Where can I find the latest survey results?

Information about the latest survey results

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