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On this webpage you’ll find answers to questions people ask most often about the New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey (NZCASS).

How many people were surveyed?

Between February and June 2014, 6,943 people in households throughout the country took part in the survey.

What was the response rate?

The overall 2014 response rate for the NZCASS was 81%.

Who carried out the survey?

The Ministry of Justice managed the NZCASS with the help of a range of contracted providers.

Interviewing and offence coding activities were carried out by CBG Health Research Ltd (trading as: CBG Public Sector Surveying) on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. CBG is an independent, New Zealand-based research company.

A legal expert from Victoria University of Wellington and an expert from the NZ Police provided quality assurance advice and support as part of offence coding processes.

Statistical Insights carried out the statistical services, and experts at the University of Auckland provided quality assurance advice and support at different times throughout the project.

What questions were asked?

The questions are about:

  • how safe people feel in their community and how this might affect their everyday life
  • if people have experienced any crimes and, if so, what the effects were
  • whether or not people have told anyone about the crimes that they’ve experienced
  • how helpful any agencies were (if they were contacted).

Who was asked to take part?

One person from each of the randomly selected households aged 15 or might have been selected to take part in the survey. People didn’t need to have been a victim of crime to answer the questions. Participation in the survey was voluntary.

How were the questions asked?

The interviewers used laptops rather than paper questionnaires.

For the last section of the questionnaire, survey participants could enter their responses directly into the computers themselves. This was because the questions were sensitive and in this way the interviewer did not see the participant’s responses.

What kinds of crime does the NZCASS cover?

The NZCASS covers a range of personal and household offences. You can find a full list of the offences covered on the scope of the NZCASS webpage.

How often is the NZCASS run? When is the next survey?

The NZCASS is a periodic survey meaning that it is currently run every three to five years. After each survey, senior justice sector managers agree whether another survey will be conducted and when it will take place.

So far, the NZCASS has been run in 2006, 2009 and 2014.

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