Survey results

The following pages give an overview of important results from the New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey (NZCASS).

This information is also available in the NZCASS main findings report [PDF, 12 MB]

Results by subject

This page lists the results from the NZCASS and is organised alphabetically by subject.

The extent and nature of crime

Here we give an overview of how much crime there is in New Zealand, what the nature of that crime is and some key trend information. On this page you’ll find:

  • the estimated number of offences
  • the average number of offences per 100 households or adults 15 years and over (incidence rates)
  • the estimated number of households or adults victimised once or more
  • the proportion (%) of households or adults that were victimised once or more (prevalence rates)
  • the profile of crime by offence type.

Reporting crime

This page covers:

  • how much and what types of crime are reported to Police (according to NZCASS respondents)
  • who is more or less likely to report crime to Police
  • why people do or don’t report crime to Police
  • how much of crime captured in the NZCASS is recorded in official Police statistics.
  • Read more about reporting crime

Who experiences crime

On this page you’ll find an overview of who is most likely to experience crime.

Victims’ experiences and needs

This page gives an overview of what victims’ experiences are, the effects that crime has on them and what they tell us they needed.

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