1. The Human Rights Review Tribunal applies the Media guide for reporting the courts and tribunals: Edition 4.1, appropriately adapted to the Tribunal’s unique jurisdiction and processes.  See for example:
  2. Useful reference can also be made to the In-Court Media Review which includes (inter alia) the Report to Chief Justice on In-Court Media Coverage and the draft In-Court Media Coverage Guidelines - updated to 20 July 2015.

Non-party access to Human Rights Review Tribunal file

  1. Where a non-party seeks access to the documents held on a Tribunal file, the Tribunal, will have regard to ss 105, 107 and 108 of the Human Rights Act 1993 and to the Senior Courts (Access to Court Documents) Rules 2017.  See by analogy IHC New Zealand v Ministry of Education (Non-Party Access to Tribunal File) [2013] NZHRRT 2 (31 January 2013) at [6] to [12].
  2. For significant decisions by the Tribunal on non-party access to the Tribunal file see:

Useful reference can also be made to the:

Rules Committee consultation paper Accessing Court Documents in Civil and Criminal Proceedings (11 May 2015)(external link)

New Zealand Law Commission Access to Court Records NZLC R93 (2006)(external link)

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