Legal Complaints Review Officer

Legal Complaints Review Officer Protocol

Legal Complaints Review Officer operations with Covid-19 in the community

1. This protocol sets out the process for ensuring that parties who need to participate in a review hearing are able to do so.

2. This protocol is subject to the capacity of a Review Officer to:

(a)    Determine that a review can be heard on the papers; and to

(b)   Regulate his or her procedure in such manner as he or she thinks fit, which includes directing the use of remote participation for hearings.

3. Where a review is to be heard in a court building, a party to the review:

(a)    who has tested postive for COVID-19 may not enter the court building until they have completed 7 days self-isolation and have been symptom-free for 24 hours;

(b)   who is showing signs of illness may be denied entry to the court and/or be required to do a RAT test.

4. Parties entering the court building for purposes of attending a review hearing are strongly encouraged to wear a surgical mask or a KN95 mask

5. Parties must wear a surgical mask or KN95 mask if the presiding Review Officer so directs.

6. Where a hearing proceeds via remote participation parties will be informed prior to the hearing and informed of any particular issues that need to be addressed.

7. This protocol replaces all previous protocols issued by the Legal Complaints Review Officer under the Covid-19 Protection Framework.

Rex Maidment
Legal Complaints Review Officer
13 September 2022

The Legal Complaints Review Officer independently reviews decisions made by the New Zealand Law Society and New Zealand Society of Conveyancers Standards Committees on complaints against lawyers and conveyancers. 

The reviews are as informal and straightforward as possible while giving proper consideration to the process of the review itself and the law.

In this section:

What to do if you want to complain about a lawyer or a conveyancer

Before you apply to the Review Officer, you must first complain to the New Zealand Law Society or the New Zealand Society of Conveyancers.

New Zealand Law Society website(external link)

New Zealand Society of Conveyancers(external link)

What to do if you want to apply for a review of a decision, requirement, order made or direction given

If you are unhappy after a standards committee has investigated a complaint, you can apply to the Legal Complaints Review Officer to review the decision.


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