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Parties are encouraged to send documents via email in the first instance, followed by hard copies as necessary, sent by courier or post. The email address is

COVID-19 Level 1 protocol for Legal Complaints Review Officer [PDF, 36 KB]

The Legal Complaints Review Officer independently reviews decisions made by the New Zealand Law Society and New Zealand Society of Conveyancers Standards Committees on complaints against lawyers and conveyancers. 

The reviews are as informal and straightforward as possible while giving proper consideration to the process of the review itself and the law.

In this section:

What to do if you want to complain about a lawyer or a conveyancer

Before you apply to the Review Officer, you must first complain to the New Zealand Law Society or the New Zealand Society of Conveyancers.

New Zealand Law Society website(external link)

New Zealand Society of Conveyancers(external link)

What to do if you want to apply for a review of a decision, requirement, order made or direction given

If you are unhappy after a standards committee has investigated a complaint, you can apply to the Legal Complaints Review Officer to review the decision.


Here are some legal words you may come across while reading these pages [PDF, 21 KB].

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