Apply for a review

It costs $50 to request a review.

How to apply

Any person or party involved in the original complaint or inquiry can apply to the Legal Complaints Review Office for a review. 

Other persons who can apply include the firm to which the person subject to the complaint belonged, the New Zealand Law Society or the New Zealand Society of Conveyancers or any other person coming under the class of applicant in section 196 to 197 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act(external link) (the Act).

If you're eligible, you can apply to the Review Officer for a review if the standards committee of the Law Society or Society of Conveyancers has made a decision about your complaint and you don’t agree with that decision, requirement, order made or direction given.  You can also apply to the Review Officer to review some of the powers exercised by the Standards Committee as described in section 196 or 197 of the Act(external link).

You need to complete and lodge your application within 30 working days from when the Standards Committee decision is sent to you. You can post or email your completed application to this office. Please do not send your credit or debit card details to us by email.

You'll need to contact us to find out more

To apply fill in an application for review form and return it to us:

Application for review of decision of standards committee [PDF, 365 KB]

Appoint someone to act for you

If you want someone (an agent or representative) to act on your behalf you need to fill in part 4 of the application form.

What you need to send us

Send us the signed and completed forms, a copy of the decision you want reviewed, and your fee payment (if you’re not using internet banking to pay).

Ways to pay the fee


You can pay the filing fee online using File and Pay.

Please note: File and Pay can accept online document filing for LCRO tribunal applications. Alternatively you can file documents by email, post or deliver a copy to the Tribunal or your local court. You must include a copy of the File and Pay online receipt as proof of payment.

Access File and Pay(external link)

Internet banking

To make your payment by direct credit, please use the bank account information and payment reference provided below.

The account name is: Ministry of Justice

The account number is: 03 0049 0001063 00

The reference is: You must quote the appeal name as a reference. The reference is 'LCRO' and the Applicant’s surname included.

Once payment has been made, please send a copy of the receipt or confirmation of the internet banking payment, and email this to our office at

 By post

To send payment by post, you must include the completed credit or debit card form with your application and post to:

Legal Complaints Review Officer
DX: CX10072

Credit or debit card fee payment form [PDF, 275 KB]

Note: Please do not email the form to us with your credit or debit card details. We cannot accept the form by email.

In person

Please contact the tribunal or your nearest court to confirm whether you can file your application and make the fee payment at the counter by EFTPOS, credit card, debit card or cash.

Useful guidelines

Guidelines for parties to review [PDF, 165 KB]

Costs Orders guidelines [PDF, 256 KB]

Publication (of decisions) guidelines [PDF, 213 KB]

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