What happens next

When the Review Officer receives your application, a copy will be sent to the respondent (the other party named in the standards committee’s decision). The Review Officer will also get a copy of your complaint file from the committee.

Before the hearing

The Review Officer will expect that all supporting information is sent with the application. The respondent may wish to reply.

Dispute resolution

The Review Officer may invite the parties to try and resolve matters by negotiation, conciliation or mediation.

The hearing

With the consent of the parties, the Review Officer may decide the hearing can be ‘on the papers’. This means the Review Officer will make a decision based on the written submissions of the parties and you and the other party don’t need to attend a hearing in person.

If you do need to attend a hearing, it will be as informal as possible and it will not be open to the public. The Review Officer will decide where or how the hearing will be held. It may be a hearing by telephone or video conference.

The decision

After the hearing and investigation is completed, the Review Officer will send you and the other party a written copy of the decision including the reasons.

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