Public register of licence & certificate holders

You can use the public register to get details about a person or company’s licence or certificate.

Search the public register of licence and certificate holders(external link)

What the register can tell you

For licensees:

  • the full name of the licence holder
  • principal place of business
  • licence number
  • date of its issue
  • if the licence holder is an individual, whether they are in partnership and if so, the name of the partners
  • if the licence holder is a company, the names of everyone concerned in its management
  • the street address of every place of business used by the licence holder
  • an email address if the licence holder agrees to having it included on the register.

For certificate holders:

  • the full name of the certificate holder
  • certificate number
  • date of its issue
  • whether the certificate has been suspended.

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