Make a claim

How much does it cost to apply to the tribunal?

It’s free to make a claim to the tribunal.

What you need to send us

Fill out the form and send it to us along with any statement, document or information (whether or not it would be admissible in court) that may help the tribunal make a decision.

Make a claim [PDF, 345 KB]

Guide to filing a claim [PDF, 262 KB]

There is a 6 month timeframe for victims to make a claim. If you can’t claim within this time because of factors beyond your control, the tribunal may give you an extension.  Your application for an extension must be both in writing and received by us before the end of the original deadline.

Appoint someone to act for you

You can represent yourself or you can appoint an agent or representative (like a lawyer) to help you with your claim.

If your representative is not a lawyer, you will both need to fill in this form:

Authority to act [PDF, 451 KB]

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