Our strategy

The Ministry's strategy provides us with direction and focus.

Ministry of Justice strategy on a page

Ministry of Justice strategy on a page full pdf [PDF, 198 KB]

Our purpose, working together for a fair and safe Aotearoa, guides what we do everyday.  

Our enduring priorities are the areas that will remain fundamentally important to the Ministry over the long-term. These are:

  • Honouring our responsibilities to Māori
  • Maintaining the integrity of the courts and tribunals
  • Providing sector leadership and policy stewardship.

Our transformational opportunities reflect the particular opportunities and challenges we face today and are what will make Aotearoa a better place for everyone. These are:

  • Leading the transformation of the criminal justice system
  • Addressing family violence and sexual violence
  • Improving access to justice.

Our culture and capability are what we need to focus on as an organisation to ensure we’re well placed to improve outcomes for New Zealanders. This includes:

  • Making the Ministry a great place to be
  • Enabling our people to succeed
  • Building capability to engage and partner with Māori
  • Using evidence and insights to deliver better services and outcomes
  • Engaging with and listening to communities.

Our values underpin everything we do – the actions we take, the decisions we make and the relationships we build. Our success isn’t just about what we do; it’s how we do things that really makes the difference – with respect, integrity, service and excellence.

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