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The Ministry works with Ministers across a number of portfolios.

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We support the judiciary by providing administrative, technology and HR support, as well as training and development. The ministry gets judicial input into its operations, for example, on improvements to court processes and service design.

In delivering justice services, we recognise the importance of the constitutional independence of judicial decision making, and work with the judiciary to ensure this independence is preserved and maintained.

Justice sector agencies & others

We lead the justice sector, which is made up of the Ministry of Justice, New Zealand Police, the Department of Corrections, the Crown Law Office, the Serious Fraud Office.

The justice sector agencies work together to reduce crime and reoffending. By aligning our services, we can see where one part of the ‘criminal justice pipeline’ affects another and can make changes to help the sector as a whole.

We also work with many other agencies including government departments, Crown entities, local government, community groups and other agencies and organisations.

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