Civil claims

Cases are brought to the civil court by individuals or organisations and sometimes local or central government to help settle a dispute. Civil law cases are generally not about breaking a criminal law. Civil cases can include disputes over business contracts or debts, or disputes between neighbours, or debt recovery.

Try to sort out the problem without going to court

Your first step should be to try to sort out the problem without going to court. This reduces the cost, saves time and avoids extra stress.

Ask for help from a tribunal or court

If you can’t sort out the problem yourselves, you can ask for help from the Disputes Tribunal or at court.

Restraining Orders

You can apply for a Restraining Order if you are being harassed by another person.

Non-Contact Orders

You can apply for a Non-Contact Order if you were the victim of a violent offence where the offender was sent to prison for more than 2 years and you don’t want them to contact you once they’re released.

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