Court fees for civil & family court cases

You might need to pay a fee at different stages of a civil or family court case.

When you need to pay a court fee

You might need to pay a fee when you give the court each document for your case, like a statement of claim, statement of defence and interlocutory application, or an application for a Parenting Order or Relationship Property Order.

This is called filing your documents.

You might also need to pay a fee when you ask the court to do things like hold a hearing, seal documents or give copies of documents.

How much you need to pay

Check the court you are going through to see how much the fees will cost:

Family Court


High Court

Employment Court(external link)

Environment Court(external link)

Māori Land Court(external link)

Court of Appeal

Supreme Court

Disputes Tribunal

File and Pay

Many of the fees for filing can be paid through the File and Pay online service. This service allows for the payment of fees by credit card.
For filings in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and High court, you will also be able to file your documents when you pay.

You can find File and Pay here: File and Pay (external link)

If you need help to pay the court fees for a civil or family case

Find out how you can get help to pay some court fees