Prepare for court

If you need to make an application or respond to one that’s been made against you, and you’re not sure what to do, call or visit your local court for help.

How to give your documents to the court or other parties

If you need to make an application to the court or respond to an application that’s been made against you, this is called filing documents when you give your documents to court.

If you need to give a copy of these documents to other people, this is called serving documents.

How to make an affidavit & statutory declaration

You may be required to file an affidavit when you’re filing documents. An affidavit is written evidence therefore must be truthful and you will be required to either swear or affirm it in front of someone who is authorised to take your oath or affirmation.

A statutory declaration is similar - it’s written down and must also be truthful but you’ll need an authorised person to witness your signature rather than it being sworn or affirmed.