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Jury summons response form

To fill out and send the response form, you have three options:

  1. Online form
  2. PDF form
  3. Paper form

1. Fill in the online form

You can now accept your summons online:

I will attend jury service form

2. Fill in a PDF form and email it to the court

Fill in one of these forms:

Response to jury summons [PDF, 1.4 MB]

Fill in this form if you haven’t put off (deferred) your jury service in the last year.


Response to jury summons – previously deferred [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Fill in this form if you have put off (deferred) your jury service in the last year.

Email the completed form to the email address on the form.

3. Fill in the paper form

Fill in the paper form you received with your jury summons, put it in the prepaid envelope you were sent with your jury summons letter and post it back.

If it has a DX address, you can put it in a DX box or a NZ Post box.

Find out more about DX boxes(external link).

Or you can scan and email your form. The email address will be on the form, or you can get the email address from our list of email addresses from all courts.

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Expenses claim form

Ask the court to pay your expenses.

  1. Fill in the appropriate form:

All District Courts:
Juror expense claim form - DC [PDF, 339 KB]

Auckland High Court:
Juror expense claim form - Auckland HC [PDF, 327 KB]

Christchurch High Court:
Juror expense claim form - Christchurch HC [PDF, 459 KB]

Wellington High Court:
Juror expense claim form - Wellington HC [PDF, 469 KB]

2. You’ll need to give the court proof, such as:

  • parking receipts
  • an invoice or GST receipt from a professional childcare service
  • a note for personal childcare that states who took care of your children and how much you paid them, if a family or whānau member, friend or neighbour looked after them.

Court staff will collect your claim form at the end of each week. If your jury trial takes longer than one week, You’ll need to fill out a separate claim form for each week of your jury service.

  • If you’re not selected to sit on a jury, you’ll still get paid for your time. Give your completed claim form and proof of expenses to court staff.


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