Useful information before you come to court

Be on time

It’s important you arrive at court on time to hear important information from the court, for example, what will happen during the day. You’ll also watch a DVD that explains how a jury trial works and your role as a juror.

Don’t do your own research about the case

It’s vitally important that you rely only on the information given to you at the trial. Doing your own research – like Googling the case or asking about it on social media – is not permitted. It puts the defendant’s (the person charged with the crime) right to a fair trial at risk. The judge may even have to discharge (let go) the jury and abandon the trial.

An abandoned trial can add to the stress on witnesses and result in major financial costs to the justice system because the trial will need to be held again. You could also face a penalty from the court.

Bring something to do while you wait

Jury service can involve some waiting, so you may want to bring something like a book to read or a laptop to work remotely. You may also like to bring a snack and any medications you normally take during the day.

Wear appropriate clothes

Smart casual, comfortable clothing is best. Courtrooms can get cold, so bring something like a jersey or cardigan that you can easily put on and take off.