When you arrive at court

Court security

The court takes everyone’s safety very seriously. The court will scan you and your belongings as you enter the building. This is similar to airport security. 

Things you must not bring to court

 Some items aren’t allowed to be taken into a court building. These items include:

  • knives of any type (pocket knife, fruit knife, Swiss Army knife, kirpans)
  • scissors
  • screwdrivers
  • knitting needles
  • steel cutlery to eat your lunch with (including if you’re a juror)
  • alcohol or illegal drugs (prescription or auto-injectors are fine)
  • other items at the discretion of court security.


The use of cellphones is not allowed in court and phones must be kept turned off at all times. When the jury leaves the courtroom to consider its verdict, cellphones are not permitted at all. During this time, court staff will keep your phone until you’ve finished.

Your safety at court

Court security staff are available at all times and will make sure you leave the court safely at the end of the trial.

If you’re worried about your safety while you’re doing jury service, or leaving the court when the trial has finished, you should tell court staff or court security; they’re there to help. Taxis are available for jurors who finish after 6pm.

If someone tries to influence you about the case, or intimidates/threatens you while you’re serving on a jury, tell court staff straight away.

The media

Journalists aren’t allowed to talk to you or identify you when you’re serving on a jury. If the judge allows cameras in court, the media isn’t allowed to film or photograph you. 

You’re not allowed to talk to any media about the case. This includes when you’re serving as a juror and after the trial has ended.

The reception or meeting point for jurors will be clearly marked

Court staff can guide you to the right area.

Tea/coffee facilities, meal breaks and WiFi

Tea and coffee facilities are available. At morning and afternoon tea breaks, tea and coffee will be provided. There will also be a one-hour lunch break but you’ll need to bring your own lunch. If you’re in the jury deliberation room (where the jury considers a verdict) during the lunch hour, the court will supply your lunch.

Some courts have free WiFi; check with court staff.

Court sitting hours

Court sitting (hearing a case) hours are generally 10:00am – 5pm. Sometimes during the trial, the court may sit outside these hours.

Health and safety

Report any health and safety concerns to staff. Please also let court staff know if you’re on any medication or if you have a medical condition.

Court staff will give you health and safety information specific to your court on your arrival at the jury assembly area.

All courts are non-smoking. Court staff will be able to tell you where the nearest smoking areas are located.

In an emergency

Each court will have its own safety procedure during an emergency. Follow directions from court staff in the event of an emergency. Security staff are all trained in giving First Aid.